“There’s no green space whatsoever,” Scott’s Addition could get new trail

RICHMOND, VA (TERESAREPORTS) – The Scott’s Addition Boulevard Association aims to add more green space to the community through a multi-use path.

“It’ll be suitable for running, biking, walking, anything like that,” said Trevor Dickerson, President of the Scott’s Addition Boulevard Association.

Dickerson said there isn’t any green space in Scott’s Addition, which now houses roughly 4,000 apartment units.

“There’s a lot more residents then there used to be,” he said. “We transitioned from this industrial neighborhood to one that has a great number of uses, and has residents and business owners.”

Dickerson said the association isn’t yet sure how the path would be constructed, but explained a map of its plan.

“It’ll run from the back of the neighborhood along Roseneath Road,” he said, “Along the southside of the CSX railroad tracks, go under the Boulevard, across the property where Movieland is, and eventually it’ll run down Leigh Street, and tie-in to both the science museum and the Redskins training camp.”

Dickerson said the idea has been in the work for a couple of years, and that the city gave a majority of the funding towards the project.

The city appropriated $500,000 from the sale of what is now Blue Bee Cider to use towards green space.

“That half a million dollars is probably going to be eaten up by a lot of the design phase,” Dickerson told TeresaReports. “We’re just looking for additional funding sources. It may be public, private, more from the city,” he continued. “It’s going to take a joint effort to get it done.”

Dickerson said Councilwoman Kim Gray got an additional $250,000 in the city budget towards the project.

“We’ve planted about 120 trees in the past couple years, but now we’re trying to get this path put in,” he said.

Trevor Dickerson, President of Scott’s Addition Boulevard Association

Dickerson said a feasibility study should be finished by the end of the month, and will give the association a better idea of whether or not the trail is possible.

“Towards the back of the neighborhood along the railroad tracks there’s a really steep grade,” he explained. “We’ve got to make sure the land’s not too steep, and then working with the railroad company itself has proved kind of difficult.”

The Scott’s Addition Boulevard Association held a meeting to get thoughts on the path from business owners and residents.

“We heard people saying they wanted benches or maybe like a small dog park,” said Dickerson. “We want to incorporate this as much as we can while also being budget-conscious.”

Dickerson said the association is also working on adequate lighting and sidewalks in Scott’s Addition. He said the trail would be completed in phases, starting with the back of the neighborhood.

“In an ideal world, hopefully we would start by the end of the year or early next year,” he said about phase one of the path.

A second meeting has not been planned, but Dickerson said there will most-likely be another meeting in the next couple of months after the feasibility study is completed.

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