Robeson County Sheriff’s Office to launch new website, phone app

ROBESON COUNTY, NC (TERESAREPORTS) – The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office announced on Saturday that it will launch a new app for phones and a new website.

Robeson County Sheriff, Burnis Wilkins, said residents will have the option to download a new Sheriff’s Office app for both iPhones and Androids.

“This will allow you to be informed of pertinent information without having to seek it out on social media,” Wilkins explained. “We will also be releasing our new sheriff’s office website within the next few days. There you will be able to click on many links for service as it relates to my office,” he continued. “Again, all of this to be even more transparent to you.”

Robeson County Sheriff’s Office new phone app

Wilkins said he prides himself on being a transparent Sheriff, and has created several community outreach programs since was sworn into office in December.

“Our agency Chaplain is hard at work establishing our youth programs and the Badges & Bibles Program,” Wilkins said. “Inmates have even reached out to him and have asked for forgiveness and given their hearts to the Lord in open sessions at the request of inmates,” he continued. “Local pastors have contacted us to assist which has allowed us to begin several church sessions behind the walls.”

Wilkins said he has received backlash from community members since he’s become sheriff.

“Being transparent has caused many folks to speak out negatively as to what we are trying to accomplish,” Wilkins said. “I am actually saddened by what I read as some of those commenting are our counties future. While some may not agree with the laws we enforce, the laws are on the books and we will enforce them until some sort of legislative change is made.”

Wilkins spoke about his accomplishments and alliances with other departments.

“We have sought out assistance from our local, state and federal partners and have signed many mutual aid agreements,” he said. “We have joined on with numerous task forces thereby allowing us to have more manpower and resources. Our volunteer Cold Case Team is doing incredible work behind the scenes and many hurting families have been contacted regarding their loved ones.”

Wilkins led his campaign on the phrase “Crime and Grime.” The Sheriff has said several times that he wants to rid the community of crime, and start with drug dealers.

“Every neighborhood and practically every family is affected by drugs,” said Sheriff Wilkins. “We have had many deaths in our county in the last few months related to drug overdoses and at the same time, law enforcement and EMS professionals have saved many from death by using Narcan.”.

Wilkins said the department is in the process of setting up a program called ‘Project Lifesaver’ which would help special needs residents and their families.

“[It] will assist us in keeping up special needs residents in the event they venture off or become disoriented as to where they are,” he said about the project. “We are in the early stages of setting up our new R U OK Program, a program used to check on our elderly that wish to sign up for it.”

Wilkins said the sheriff’s office website will be available within the next few days.

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