Robeson County K-9 unit graduates training

ROBESON COUNTY, NC (TERESAREPORTS) – Robeson County Sheriff’s deputies and their K-9 partners graduated their two month training on Friday.

Robeson County K-9 Unit completes training
Credit: Sheriff Burnis Wilkins

Robeson County Sheriff, Burnis Wilkins, said one of the dogs has a few more weeks of training because it’s replacing a K-9 that was injured a couple of weeks ago.

“Thank you all for your dedication, and a special thank you to your families as you all had to be away from home for the training,” Wilkins said to the officers.

Wilkins said the K-9 unit will greatly help the sheriff’s office.

“These K9’s will be beneficial in serving the citizens of the county,” Wilkins said on social media. “And to the criminal element, all I can say is Don’t Run.”

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