“He’s an honorary junior ranger,” Myrtle Beach State Park rangers take boy’s lost bear on adventure

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (TERESAREPORTS) – Myrtle Beach State Park rangers found a little boy’s lost bear, and documented its adventures before they returned it to the family this week.

Myrtle Beach State Park Manager, Troy Crider, told TeresaReports a little boy named Thompson stayed in a cabin with his family at the park a few weeks ago.

The family realized Thompson’s bear was accidentally left behind when they got back to Columbia, and called the park to ask if they could mail it to them.

Crider said housekeeping found the bear, and that’s when he and rangers started to think of fun ways to get it back to the boy.

“We all sat around and thought about how horrified we were as kids when we left something important,” Crider said. “The park staff really got involved, and thought it’d be cool to take it around the park, and took different pictures.”

Crider said the bear is now “an honorary junior ranger.”

“We thought it’d be a great opportunity to do something cool,” Crider said. “When he gets it back he’d have all these great stories of it.”

Crider said he spoke with Thompson’s father Thursday morning.

“They’re all excited,” Crider said. “I think he [Thompson] really appreciated it when the bear was returned to him.”

Rangers sent the photos and the bear back to Thompson. The little boy then sent a picture back to the park and thanked the rangers.

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